IIM faculty enlightens students of DoMS NIT Trichy

IIM Kozhikode Faculty Dr. Joffi Thomas visited Department of Management Studies (DoMS) NIT Trichy. This initiative was taken by DoMS faculty Dr. G. Muruganantham for the betterment of 1st year MBA students. The participants were enlightened on the topic of ‘Essential elements of marketing mix’ through a practical approach with the help of a case study.

The famous case study of Vora and Company prepared by Neil H. Borden of Howard University was discussed and analyzed during the lecture. The case study explained the existing conditions and the practices followed by the company. It dealt with the history of the company and its strategies on competition, packaging, distribution, pricing, sales, cost and advertising. The problem stated was that the company was a loss making industry. Then the participants were asked to apply their knowledge in marketing to solve the problem after which Dr. Thomas gave his valuable inputs to the same.

Dr. Thomas appreciated the level of involvement and enthusiasm amongst the participants. He also cherished innovative ideas given by them followed by the vote of thanks by Shobhita from the guest lecture committee.

2 thoughts on “IIM faculty enlightens students of DoMS NIT Trichy

  1. Jai Kasanwal says:

    Good to hear about it….arranging such guest lectures would help students to hone their skills further….and I would suggest each students to explore competition platforms across nation (and if possible across national boundaries) and do participate in order to build confidence & explore inherent capabilities and also contributing to good cause of bringing more visibility to DoMS NIT Trichy…..

    • Hi Jai, we are fortunate to have a mentor like you.To abreast you about the activities at DoMS,a group of nine freshers went to attend a workshop at IIM-B, the last month.We would convey ur message to the students……

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