Nuances of Quality Management !!!

The students of DoMS were enlightened with the presence of Mr. Manikandan Murugesan, who is currently the Quality head of Nokia. Mr. Murugesan has 13 years of corporate experience including work experience in HAL. He enriched the students with the fine and minute details associated with quality management in an organization. He talked about the various techniques which were being practiced in earlier times and also about the latest trends undertaken by numerous companies in maintaining the quality of their services.

He gave insights about the Lean and Six Sigma. The students were made aware about the history of Lean and Six Sigma and how both the practices have evolved over time. He elaborated about how certain changes such as new competitions, changing stakeholders need and changing basis of competition, trigger the need for adopting these quality management practices. The difference between continual and continuous improvement was conveyed in a very practical way.  He emphasized on the different objectives which both Lean and Six Sigma have in improving the various processes qualitatively in a business.

He elegantly illustrated how Lean and Six Sigma can make a significant difference to an organization with a practical case study about a tea shop. The way these techniques can be applied to even a small shop in improving the profit, left everybody spellbound. He concluded his session by sharing some of his bitter experiences in industry and advised the students how those situations can be avoided. On the whole the participants gained the practical understanding about the magnitude to which Lean and Six Sigma are serving the industry.