Prabandh 16

On 6th of Feb, Prabandh the annual management conclave of DoMS started with aplomb.


With the ever changing corporate world and economic conditions, it is important to stay updated. Taking this into account, the Guest Lecture committee decided that Prabandh 16 would focus on current and future trends in the corporate world. Prabandh 16 was meticulously planned from the start. The speakers were invited from different sectors in the corporate world, to make the conclave all encompassing.

The event started with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, by Dr. V. J. Sivakumar, Head of Department, DoMS, NIT Trichy, by Professor Dr. G. Kannabiran and other esteemed speakers of Prabandh.


The event was graced by Dr. G. Muruganantham, Dr. K. Nigama, Mrs. Shoba, other staff members, and the students of the 36th and 37th batch of the Department of Management Studies.

Dr V.J. Sivakumar and Dr.G. Kannabiran gave a brief speech on the need to keep track of the new trends in corporate world. They also shared their valuable insights on the topic.

The speakers for Prabandh 16, were leaders in their respective fields. The first speaker Mrs. Dhamayanthi N, Associate VP – TechCEED (HCL), spoke about technology trends and new business models, by citing numerous examples. Mrs Dhamayanthi who has worked for several years with HCL, also spoke about the emerging domain of HR analytics and IOT (Internet of Things).

Mr. Varadarajan Srinivasan, VP (Navitas), spoke about the developments in pharmaceutical industry and about India’s large generic drug market. He also spoke on the emerging trends in IT consulting and about the potential in a Domain niche field like Life Sciences.

Mr. Mohit Mathur, Director- Business Transformation, FLIPKART, spoke on creation of value for customers, and why we create it. Strategy Execution and OKR (Objectives and Key results) and other trends emerging in the corporate world were also discussed.

Lastly, Mr Sanjai K, Regional Head (Asia Pacific) SAP Solution Delivery Centre, also an alumnus of our very own DoMS, gave a motivating speech on corporate leadership, interjecting many experiences he had had, in his long successful corporate career.

All the speakers dedicated time for Q&A after their respective speeches and graciously answered all the questions posed by DoMS students.

The official yearly newsletter of DoMS-NITT, “Pronto” was also released on the day.

The session ended with DoMS students presenting a brief seminar on “New business models in emerging markets”.


Prabandh 16 gave DoMs students an understanding of the changing trends in the corporate world. The interaction sessions, allowed the students to deepen their knowledge and clarify their doubts in different corporate sectors.

A New Nest for DoMS

It was a moment of joy to the DoMS Community as the new DoMS building got inaugurated in the campus.

The DoMS-NITT new block was in full glory as Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Honourable Minister of Civil Aviation, inaugurated the 38-year-old B-school’s new building on January 8th. The Honourable Minister unveiled the plaque, which would be later embossed in the new building. The event also had the Honourable Minister interacting with the students and answering all their questions on the civil aviation sector.


The new block of DoMS is of two floors, having a built up area of around 1300 sqm in ground floor and 1270 sqm in first floor within the land area of 4875 sqm situated adjacent to Silver Jubilee building facing central avenue road.

The location of the building gives access on two directions and the building has central court yard for better lighting and cross ventilation.  All the rooms are Air conditioned and the exteriors are finished with Aluminium composite panel for better elevation.

The new building also boasts of six classrooms, of which one is a smart classroom. It is truly a gift to DoMS as we enter in this New Year.

When It Rained Colours At DoMS…!!!

 The festival of color’s was celebrated by students of DoMS, NIT-T as a part of the activities of SEC club which encourage sociocultural activities among DoMS students. This was the second major festival after ‘Christmas’ being celebrated by DoMS students and is in addition to numerous occasions organized by fellow NIT-T’ians. Red, green, yelloholi'15w and the innumerable number of combinations we made from the available colours made our world colourful on Friday, 6th March’15. Nirmal, Kani, Harini and others who were experiencing ‘Holi’ for the first time, thoroughly enjoyed the little surprise. For others, it was a way not to miss all the celebrations and fun back home. Few missed it as they had an interview scheduled, others couldn’t be with us as they had to leave for home. Barring a few, almost everyone enjoyed ‘Holi’. Each and everyone present at Silver Jubilee Building, where the festival was celebrated, was set in the mood of being the first to colour someone’s face. What better than getting a fresh face to splash colour on, on this festival!

Even in all the Holi-15mood of fun and excitement,the DoMSians did not forget that they are a part of “Clean India”. Therefore, the celebrations and skylarking was followed by cleaning the premises.The SEC club not only organized a fun-filled festival celebration but also did not forget that we were responsible towards the department and country for  cleanliness and discipline. Amidst all the festivities, music, fun & frolic, and of course the various coloured faces this day is one to be remembered forever for all of us. 

Reunion of DoMS Alumni – Bengaluru

The students of DoMS organized an alumni meet in Bengaluru on 27th July. The get together was arranged at Beijing Bites, Whitefield Bengaluru. The alumni committee and training and placement committee put in a lot of efforts to make this meet a very successful event.  Some of the alumni who attended the meet were Vikranth from Thomas Reuters, Mr, Pannirban from Phillips, Jai Kansanwal from ITC, Arvind Sivakumar form TCS.


The informal interaction started by ex-domsians sharing their experiences at the college and what all mischievous things they used to do during the classes. They also suggested us to take maximum benefits out of the facilities and faculties of the college. They explained us their past and present profiles they have worked on and what we can look forward to in the respective industries . Then they inquired about the current placement scenario of our department. They gave tips how to tackle interviews and how to approach companies while inviting them for recruitment. They advised us to enjoy the college as well as hostel life to the maximum as this would be the end to the student life for most of us. They also advised us regarding what industry expects from us as soon as we get out of college.

The department is planning to organize a similar meet in Chennai in a few days. Hoping a lot of alumni to attend the meet to make it a memorable event.


Progyan, Management fest of Sastra School of Management, Thanjore was conquered by the students of DoMS NITT. Out of the 10 events held at the fest, 5 were topped by students of DoMS NITT. These achievements lead to overall trophy to DoMS NITT.

Paper presentation competition was won by Anshuman Dutta from MBA II year while Gowthami and Gautam Sai bagged the second prize in the same event. First prize for Best Management team was won by Amitesh Singh Yadav, Amod Garg, Harshit Agrawal and Nitesh Mittal. Quiz competition was won by Gautam sai and Gautami Mohanlal.  Spin-a-Yarn, a creativity event, was won by Nitesh Mittal and Amitesh Singh Yadav.

The Director of Sastra University congratulated the DoMS team for their performance and also wished them luck for their future endeavors.



Entrepreneurship is in the Sessions & Spirit !!

A session on entrepreneurship was organized for the students of  NIT Trichy on 17th Sep 2012. Mr. K Ganapathy Subramanian, an alumnus of NIT Trichy, who is also the founder member of StegaCapital addressed the highly participative students. StegaCapital is a firm that provides consultancy services to budding entrepreneurs and its founder was the ideal person for the occasion.

He started with some frightening facts quoting that “95 % of the startups fail and the first 3 years of any business is a valley of death”. He later went on to explain the mantras of how to form a team, from where to get the funding for one’s venture, regarding venture capitalists and about the evaluation criteria for funding a project.

The presentation dealt with the inside out of all the business hustles and bustles. Besides answering to the questions that were shot at him, he also discussed about how to secure one’s idea and the ways to check the feasibility of one’s business plan.

The enlightening session ended up with Mr. Ganapathy encouraging the students to venture into entrepreneurship and  find their own footholds in several sectors.

Celebrations Gallore!!! – Teachers’ Day

It was a brisk start to a pleasant evening that marked the celebrations of Teachers’ Day . The A-13 hall, where the function was held was filled with enthusiastic students and visually excited teachers. Every staff member associated with DOMS was personally invited with roses and was awaiting for the events to commence. The Director of NIT surprised many by making a presence  on the important day. The function started off with a welcome speech by Anbarasi. A Sanskrit prayer followed moments after the welcome speech invoking god’s presence. The Director, DR.Sundararajan and other senior staff members including our beloved Head Of Department Dr N.Thamaraiselvan went on to the stage to lighten the lamps and officially mark the beginning of the function.

The Director addressed the gathering spending a few minutes on the stage and sharing his valuable insights.He spoke mainly on how management studies are closely connected to the teaching profession than any other department. Later, our Head of the Department gave a short but a sparkling speech in which he emphasized on teachers being recognized and celebrated since that’s the only way they are being acknowledged. Dr.Kannabiran and Dr.Punniyamoorthy also shared their experiences with the audience.

The evening even had a poetic touch to it when Anbarasan and Rahul took the stage and recited a poem on significance of teachers in everyone’s lives. The poem originally written in Tamil by Anbarasan was translated into Hindi and recited by Rahul who catered to the Hindi audience. A video dedicated to our teachers was played and appreciated by one and all.The credits for the touching video goes to Abdul, Harshit and Arjun.

A celebration without cake cutting is always incomplete, so we invited every teacher who graced the occasion on to the stage for the cake cutting . As cameras  captured the cake being cut and teachers sharing the pieces, snacks was announced.

Finally came the most anticipated events of the evening. First in the order was Insur’s guitar perrformance that left the hall filled with blissful music. Then came some scintillating dance performances by both guys and girls from the first year batch. What followed were two engaging games that saw teachers participating with enthusiasm.  “This That Those” ,the first game that tested the participator’s presence of mind and the second was the “Gifts Exchange” game that witnessed teachers picking up their destined gifts. With all smiles on every teacher’s face, the evening ended with a vote of thanks given by Trilochan.The hall was emptied minutes after the organizers took a group pic to mark the first function conducted by the first year batch.

IIM faculty enlightens students of DoMS NIT Trichy

IIM Kozhikode Faculty Dr. Joffi Thomas visited Department of Management Studies (DoMS) NIT Trichy. This initiative was taken by DoMS faculty Dr. G. Muruganantham for the betterment of 1st year MBA students. The participants were enlightened on the topic of ‘Essential elements of marketing mix’ through a practical approach with the help of a case study.

The famous case study of Vora and Company prepared by Neil H. Borden of Howard University was discussed and analyzed during the lecture. The case study explained the existing conditions and the practices followed by the company. It dealt with the history of the company and its strategies on competition, packaging, distribution, pricing, sales, cost and advertising. The problem stated was that the company was a loss making industry. Then the participants were asked to apply their knowledge in marketing to solve the problem after which Dr. Thomas gave his valuable inputs to the same.

Dr. Thomas appreciated the level of involvement and enthusiasm amongst the participants. He also cherished innovative ideas given by them followed by the vote of thanks by Shobhita from the guest lecture committee.

Welcome Aboard !!! Counting 34…

24th August, 2012 was a memorable day at DoMS NITT as the second year students threw a much awaited and highly talked about Freshers’ Party for all of us. After a thrilling and pressure packed FIRM games week followed by the culturals, it was an evening  just to sit back, relax and enjoy the get-together. The occasion was organized at the Breeze Residency Hotel, Trichy which at first sight looked like a classy restaurant and later turned out to be a party hall.

As we all walked into the hallway, we were greeted by claps, hooting and even disappearing snow sprayed all over on us  and focused cameras capturing each and everyone. Our seating arrangement was already decided by placing a small sheet of paper having our name on the chairs in the hall. We had to search for our name chit and then sit accordingly. The show began by seniors asking us to write a wish and name of any senior whom we wanted to perform on the stage. We were actually given a chance to rag the seniors which was unimaginable. It was followed by a series of games played with a lot of enthusiasm by all of us. A twist in the tale was awaiting us when we were dragged on to the stage to perform whatever we asked our seniors to perform. It was an element of surprise and everybody had a ball, starting from dances to singing songs to proposals and of course rejections.

Gowtham Sai and Anu Brahma were chosen as the Mr. and Ms. Fresher for the evening after a series of tough competition between handsome hunks and beauty queens. The most inspiring feature of the eve was our senior Richard who still holds the record of drinking a beer bottoms up in just 8 secs. Some of us tried to break that timing but miserably failed. Then we had some serious learning lessons from Amitesh and Shashank on how to build a muscular body. It was not long before the dance floor was witnessing “dancers” from all parts of India. After a few pegs, the dancer inside one and all was more than willing to synchronize with the tunes of DJ. The dance floor provided a perfect platform for everybody to bond with each other.

The night couldn’t have been shorter and Breeze Residency couldn’t have been a better host. Freshers’ party rocked to the hilt. It was indeed the hard work and dedication of our seniors which made the Freshers’ Party a grand success. Thank you very much Seniors!!!

Alma Matters a Lot !

Chapter meets of DoMS ,NIT Trichy were organized in the four most happening places in the country. The excellent organization by Alumni Committee was applauded by the alums.The last two Saturdays,DoMSians from across the batches met in Delhi,Mumbai,Bengaluru & Chennai.The 2011-13 batch has continued with the tradition of connecting with their alumni.The response shown by alumni was also commendable who found time from their busy schedules and attended the meet.Despite the meet being an informal dinner,the alumni took keen interest in our internship’s and clarified our doubts regarding career and life.

The northern leg of the meet was organized in ‘Pind Baluchi’, a restaurant which specializes in dishes from our North-West frontier.The piping hot starters achieved the twin goals of satiating the hunger which crops up every time you hear ‘Pind Baluchi’ and acting as a conversation starter as well.

The sudden monsoon did no deter our alumni from Mumbai to reach Saffron Spice for the meet. We were amazed by their enthusiasm and the love they have towards their Alma mater. The southern legs were also quite interesting both in Chennai (Pratap Plaza) and Bangalore (H2O).

One common sign across all places is that even after these many successful years in corporate life, our alums miss our college badly !! It is only through these memorable occasions that we feel delighted to be a part of a successful DoMS family.

We hope that you had a good time getting associated with DoMS again. Au Revoir until we see you again !!