IIM faculty enlightens students of DoMS NIT Trichy

IIM Kozhikode Faculty Dr. Joffi Thomas visited Department of Management Studies (DoMS) NIT Trichy. This initiative was taken by DoMS faculty Dr. G. Muruganantham for the betterment of 1st year MBA students. The participants were enlightened on the topic of ‘Essential elements of marketing mix’ through a practical approach with the help of a case study.

The famous case study of Vora and Company prepared by Neil H. Borden of Howard University was discussed and analyzed during the lecture. The case study explained the existing conditions and the practices followed by the company. It dealt with the history of the company and its strategies on competition, packaging, distribution, pricing, sales, cost and advertising. The problem stated was that the company was a loss making industry. Then the participants were asked to apply their knowledge in marketing to solve the problem after which Dr. Thomas gave his valuable inputs to the same.

Dr. Thomas appreciated the level of involvement and enthusiasm amongst the participants. He also cherished innovative ideas given by them followed by the vote of thanks by Shobhita from the guest lecture committee.

Guest Lecture by Dr.Magesh

Distinguished professor of marketing and an expert in branding, Dr. Magesh, was at DoMS NITT to deliver a lecture on Social Branding. All the marketers at DoMS were very excited to have Dr.Magesh and true to his experience and expertise none were disappointed.

Dr. Magesh started with the basics of the branding and the new refined and transformed form of social marketing and branding.

He then discussed with the audience on the most important 8keys of social branding an explained it with the most pertinent examples such as that of the ‘Jaago Re’ campaign by Tata Tea, ‘Save the Tiger’ initiative by Aircel, ‘Shiksha’ campaign by ‘Procter and Gamble’ and ‘Save the Environment’ campaign by Idea.

It was a very informative session and a great learning experience for everyone at DoMS

By Anshuman Dutta.MBA[ 1st yr]



Dr. Prafulla Y. Agnihotri @DoMS-NIT Trichy

A lecture by none other than the marketing guru, Dr. Prafulla Y. Agnihotri, Director, IIM Trichy is what the students at DoMS NITT were waiting for and must say it was worth a wait. What else can be the icing on the cake than a lecture on Market- Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.

He started the session with the basic concepts of  the market and explained the relation of a customer with a market, combining the present, potential and prospective customer and then explaining the basic needs of human life as well as the various stages of a human being and how his needs change with the changing stages of life.

Dr.Agnihotri then moved on to the classification and grouping of customers and then explained the mantra of effective market segmentation along with the steps in market segmentation, targeting and positioning with apt examples and visual depictions which he termed as “Infotainment”.

If you thought this is it, the let me assure you it was not all. He even mentioned of the books that the students must refer related to the topics and also a tip or two on which companies to look out for, in the future to invest.

The entire audience at DoMS NITT were kept asking for more as one single session is not enough to bring in the entire gamut, though Dr. Agnihotri did his best, keeping the time constraint into consideration, yet everyone at DoMS will eagerly wait for many more such intellectual sessions.

Dr. Chitra Arvind Guest Lecture

On 26th August 2011, we had Dr. Chitra Arvind, Principal Associate at Rejeswari & Associates a distinguished expert in the field of patenting delivered a lecture on “Patenting for Scientists”. Dr.Chitra first described the concept of patenting to the enthusiastic crowd. She also illustrated the importance of patenting, its benefits, opportunities and the loss of revenue if a product is not patented with a ubiquitous example of Aspirin which was not patented by its original discoverer in the 19th century but was later patented in the 20th century, which is now used in the treatment of wide variety of diseases. And also the story of rags to riches of the owner of DOSA PLAZA who started with a roadside tea shop and only by patenting his combination of delicacies (food items such as noodles in dosa) is now the owner of a chain of restaurants.

Dr.Chitra left no stone unturned in explaining the process of patenting right from the scratch of making lab notes, awareness of prior art and difference between research and lab notes. She also touched upon Bayh Dole Act and the pending of formulation and implementation of such act in India.

She then went on to explain Geographical Indication and sited examples of the likes of Kanchipuram Sarees, Basmati Rice and Champagne. She also explained Trade Secret, Industrial Design and Trade Mark. While explaining Trademark she explained how misuse of trademark can be an offence with an apt example. These are the session that gives valuable insights into the real world to the students, in the comforts and guidance of college and Dr.Chitra, being an expert in the field didn’t disappoint the audience. It was a great learning session and everyone at DoMS NITT will always be indebt to her for her valuable insights.
We at DoMS will wait for many more such insightful and intriguing session as we believe in staying hungry without being foolish!!
By Anshuman Dutta, 1yr MBA (DoMS NITT),

Mr. Keith Dickson from Brunel @ DoMS-NIT Trichy

Mr. Keith Dickson, distinguished professor from the University of Brunel, UK was in DoMS-NIT Trichy and delivered a lecture on Intellectual Property Rights. Mr. Dickson first introduced the gathering to the nuances of intellectual property, its necessities and imperativeness in the present world of technological advances and development in research. The session started with the basics of intellectual property rights and moved on to the intricacies involved in the process of patenting, copyrights and trademark and how it is used by small and medium enterprises in their day to day business.

He also explained the concept of secrecy during the process of innovation, product development and also in preserving the process of product formulation with the example of Coca Cola as they have been secretly preserving their formula for more than a century. The highlight of the session was when he explained the anomalies involved in the process of intellectual rights and how it can be manipulated by certain organizations with a pertinent example which the audience could very easily connect. The question answer session was equally enlightening and none from the audience was disappointed and Dickson made it a point to answer all the queries. The audience was spellbound by the oratory skill and the ease with which he made the topic “more than just interesting”.

Article By- Anshuman Dutta
First Year student

Guest Lecture by Mr.C.M.Raju

Today on a very warm Sunday, students of DoMS -NITT  sat through a lecture by the Chief Manager of Bank of India, Cathedral road , Chennai, his rich experience of over 26 years reflected in his lecture. The students had the privilege of learning from him the real time working of the banking industry , basics of banking and also some interview tips and techniques. The talk was spiced up with his experience. He also gave some valuable suggestions and guidance which are certain to be remembered for a long time.