Quality – the buzz word

Department of Management Studies, NIT Trichy organizes a certification programme in association with the JURAN Institute on Lean six sigma for the students. Juran Institute, a pioneer in the field of quality management has been conducting weekend sessions for the students of DoMS. Budding Managers need to assist the organization where they are going to be associated in ensuring quality in their products and Services.

Lean Six Sigma is the best known quality improvement method which is used widely across all industries. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two successful methods that organizations use to reduce waste, defects, and general mistakes; lean manufacturing and the six sigma methodology. These Certifications improve a candidate’s chances of getting hired in areas of training, consulting and process re-engineering. The Institute is offering its flagship ‘Green Belt program’.  This certification equips the participants to lead projects and to assist Lean Six sigma Black Belts in large cross functional projects. The course is provided in two phases which meets global requirements of JURAN institute whose clients include Samsung and Telefonica. The course is comprehensive with examples and case studies across a spectrum of industries.

Phase 1 includes 35 hours of class room training with Lean Six Sigma Assignment workbook completion and an individual Proficiency assessment. Phase 2 includes a Project that ought to be completed by the fellow students and a final Green Belt exam that has to be taken up by them.

The Topics range from Historical Perspective of Lean & Six Sigma to Industry specific applications and case studies. An Overview of Lean, its Philosophy , the Principles involved and the wastes along with the tools – value stream Mapping , Kanab , JIT etc would give a holistic view about the aspects of Quality. The various methodologies of Six Sigma – DMAIC & DFSS and the phases involved in each of the methodologies and the significance would enlighten the students on Team Management. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and control phases and the methods and tools in each phase would provide insights on Designing Experiments and using Statistical methods to be put to use in real life business scenarios.

I read an article in a newspaper on how Motorola used six sigma training to become huge again. Two decades ago, the company was down on its luck which could have been finished off by a financial recession at any time. Today it is one of the most prominent cell phone brands in the world. Motorola did not go out and bring in a team of outside management and training consultants. No, what they did was nothing less than develop a new way of training staff and of manufacturing their products, a method which saw their profits rise and had such profound effects on the success of the company that everyone else wanted to know how they had managed it. The secret was Six Sigma.

Thus, the certification would enable people display proficiency in controlling quality and increasing profits, which would be very fruitful for any aspiring Entrepreneur. So is for any business firm. Also, it would enhance the desirability thereby fortifying the relationship among workers. DoMS is one of the very few B schools to provide Six Sigma certification along with the course. Eventually, the certification would shape up a Manager’s career and his dreams in running a successful business organization.

Marketing Conclave

                                      Marketing is the mantra that entices many MBA aspirants. The event organized by the Department of Management Studies (DoMS), National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli proved the same. DoMSians have the distinction and take immense pride to have hosted a Fest that focussed entirely on the backbone of Management studies – Marketing.

The fest was named ‘Mpulse’, and it pulsated as a collective effort that stemmed first, as a great nascent idea of Dr. Thamaraiselvan, HOD, Dept. of Management Studies, and NIT. He stands a perfect example of how a person could ignite young minds into collaborating and also to orchestrate a milestone like this.

It kicked off with a very strong and inspiring lecture on ‘Glocalisation’ by Mr.Vijay Xavier, Exec. VP, RK Swamy BBDO, India. The audience were taken by surprise and awakened with a warm sense of nostalgia, when the old Bajaj advertisements were played. A Saint –Gobain advertisement, showcased, is worth mentioning as it was influenced by the movies of Rajinikanth and also because of the ad’s effortless conveying of its ideal. Interesting facts on the business genre of India and the powerful positions that various Indian nationals held and a few inspiring anecdotes from their lives, brought about a renewed sense of respect among the listeners. The various awe-inspiring positions held by Indians in companies world over were also brought to light with a hope of instilling greater ambition and confidence among the participating listeners, many of whom were management students.

Sunday, was a long day that started off with a presentation on ‘Marketing strategies’ by Mr.Saktivelan, DGM, Business Planning, Toyota Kirloskar. A video presentation on ‘Toyota’s evolution’ was interesting and informative. The misconception that only celebrities help sell products and their absolute necessity for all advertisements was put to rest by Mr.Mohan, Country Head, Marketing, Khazana jewellers. He rendered a lecture on ‘Celebrity endorsements’ and defined a proper demarcation between the creative ads that needed celebrities and that which did not. He kept the whole gathering engaged by playing few commercials.

Subsequently, there was a presentation on ‘Predictive Analytics for an intuitive customer experience’ by Dr.Ravi Vijayaraghavan,VP and Global Head,24/7 Customer labs. He unleashed the unknown facts about various aspects of analytics. ‘Big Data’ was the key element there .A demo on Interactive Customer Services highlighted the application of predictive Analysis in providing a wholesome Customer Experience. Dr.Vijayaraghavan patiently answered all the queries from the participants.

Last session of the event, was on ‘Competitive Strategies for winning Market Shares and Mindshare’ by Mr.Murali Sundar, Country Manager, Schwarzkopf India, and Henkel. The speaker delivered the lecture with a jovial attitude. He also made the session very interactive by shooting questions at the audience on various marketing concepts. As was the beginning, such was the end of impulse – interesting,informative,innovative and interactive. Much Sincere effort and hard work have gone into the organization of this event making it a huge success.

 Dr.Muruganantham, Asst.Professor, DoMS NITT, an active participant in many International Conferences and seminars, graced the event with his presence.

Events Galore!!

The Ultimate Manager

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Waka Waka (This time for DoMS !!)

Hips don’t lie – It’s very true for Shakira..! But we did not realize that it is also true for few of our classmates until our ‘Fresher’s party’ last Friday..! Hotel Breeze saw a thunder with our roar the entire evening..! The entire hall was exuberating with energy and enthusiasm.

Right from the wish card to treasure hunt, mind games to floor games, the day was fun filled. I am sure all my batch mates would have utilized their wish card effectively. Did I mention what the wish card could bring us..? It would grant one wish where a senior would oblige to do what we ask them to do. Now you can understand the concept of effective utilization of resources..!!

My classmates’ ‘Avatars’ were better than Steven Spielberg’s. Katrina, Malaika, Simbu, Trisha, Salman , Ape – the list goes on !! We also found few innovative ways to propose..!!

The evening, not only was fun filled, but also was a wonderful platform for us to interact with our seniors. The effort they have put in to organize the event exemplifies their interest to give us a warm welcome to the department. Indeed we are happy and proud to be your juniors..! Seniors…Thanks for such a fun filled day..!!

P.S: Guys… The dance floor was opened up after the events… and I don’t think you want me to explain more..!

Back 2 campus.. 92 batch

On Aug 14th 2011, one day before the independence day, all Indians were rekindling their old memories of struggle, freedom and the good old days of lesser corruption. Meanwhile, some DoMSians were enjoying the company of their old friends. This was the occasion for some veterans of DoMS-NIT Trichy to celebrate and share their good old days in the campus.
They went back into their era, when they used to enjoy the college days. The alumni were ecstatic to share their experiences in the corporate world. The first and the second year students were inspired to meet the alumni. The interaction also paved way for the students to clear their doubts on the career progression in the different fields. Merci Beaucoup Alumni!!

Some of the photos:

Book Donation: SEC Club, DoMS-NIT Trichy

“A Book Indeed for a Student in Need: Extend Your Support by Donating Books”.

A book collection event was organized by SEC (Social Entrepreneurial & Cultural) club of Department of Management Studies- NIT Trichy with the help of ‘Goonj’. The event aimed at collecting and donating books and other stationary items for underprivileged students who cannot afford to buy books.

The event witnessed over-whelming response from the students inside the campus. More than 350 Engineering books and Management books worth around 70000/- were donated during the three days. Many faculty members also came forward and donated huge number of school books including story books. Many people were generous enough to help us get around Rs. 10000/- worth stationary items which will also go to the under-privileged children of Anbagam and other orphanages.

SEC Club will follow this event with more such initiatives.

Signing off
SEC Club

Workshop on IT and Role of MBA in an IT firm

Workshop on IT and Role of MBA in an IT firm

IT plays a very important role in today’s glocal economy. IT is the growth driver both directly and indirectly. The workshop on Data analysis and role of MBA in IT was a perfect platform for learning and unlearning for the budding managers in DoMS-NIT Trichy. The first in the lecture series was delivered by Dr. L.S Ganesh from DoMS- IIT Madras. The style was unique without the aid of any presentation tools and strong reliance on mind techniques. His penchant for systems was very much infectious. The lecture dealt on the contexts of systems in life like me alone, me in home, me at work and me in public.

Dr. LSG’s flamboyant style

Dr. LSG strongly emphasised that leaders are never created but they are nurtured. Intelligent scepticism is a trait required by managers. Apart from Dr. LSG’s vast knowledge in systems, his take on ethics was formidable. He professed that the violation of ethics can be divided into sin, mistake and error. Errors can be divided into minor errors and major blunders. They are performed without the conscious knowledge of the individual. Mistakes are classified as small mistakes and big catastrophes. Finally, sins are committed with the conscious knowledge and an intention to deceive and they are classified as ordinary and cardinal sins.  Violation of restraint is a sin.

Ravi Vishwanathan, Global Vice President, Telecom Services, TCS was the next distinguished speaker. His personal experience sharing was a practical way of teaching via example. His leadership qualities established TCS operations in Scandinavia. When a well known IT and hardware provider quoted more than ten times of TCS, scepticism was evident in the clients. Questions were raised on the level of quality interactions between the employees of TCS and the client and on the level of quality deliveries. Ultimately after TCS  received the order it not only captured the minds of the clients, but also established Indian flags in the Scandinavian regions. TCS became the first Indian service provider to start operations in this region. He shared the parable of the sadhu, which had application to our daily lives. In our daily lives we are often in dilemmas between performing different tasks. Dr. Kannabiraman was thankful for the live experience sharing by Mr. Ravi.

The session on “Role of MBA in IT” was a lecture which had all eyeballs rolling. Mr. Namby Dhandapani, Director, Business development, Cognizant was the speaker. The lecture dealt with different business models. Software as a service, commonly known as SaaS, is a trend which is evident in the success of websites like salesforce.com. IT firms are moving towards a more cost effective business model. Outsourcing is an outdated model and will be replaced by more competitive and cost effective models.  One of these models is “Cloud computing” or simply “cloud” which is the future of IT services. In this new model, the entire burden of maintaining the infrastructure like servers has been taken off from the users. The complete infrastructure will be hosted on the “Cloud” and they can be consumed on a “pay per usage“ basis. Also the cloud servers can be hosted and accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus it would not face the negative criticism that Outsourcing faces today.

The workshop on IT was a platform for confluence of ideas and minds. It was a ready mix food for thought for the budding managers in DoMS-NIT Trichy. Students were appreciative of the efforts taken by Dr. Kannnabiraman, Dean, Research and development, NIT Trichy and Professor at DoMS-NITT.