Guest Lecture on Technology Management by Dr.P.Sivakumar – Director DRDO

Eminent technocrat Archibald putt said “Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand”. From this we can understand Technology and Management are the allied areas and closely related for effective outputs. The management discipline allows the technological organizations to manage their fundamentals and to create a competitive advantage.

Keeping this on mind, a guest lecture was organized for Department of Management Studies, National Institute of Technology Trichy on “Technology Management” on 6 August 2016. The guest lecture was attended by Dr.P.Sivakumar, Director and Distinguished Scientist of DRDO. He began his lecture by explaining the importance of DRDO contribution in building Indian defence system. He also described the prominence of battle tanks for Indian sub-continent. He highlighted more on Arjun MBT tank, it is the only tank which performs efficiently in Indian terrain requirements and it is also considered as “Desert Ferrari”. He further explained how the management process carry out in designing and developing fighting vehicles for Indian armed forces. At the end of the session he interacted with the students and answered their queries profoundly.

Dr.P.Sivakumar graduated from Mechanical Engineering from College of Guindy and Post graduated in production engineering from Madras Institute of Technology and obtained PhD from IIT madras in the mechanical engineering.

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Blue Ocean Strategy

For good governance in any field one should follow strategic management for effective results. Harvey Mackay said “Failures don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan”. In any successful business, you will observe that high and disciplined level of planning incontrovertibly led to that success – and the business world is full of failures who failed to plan. Even many that have subsequently failed often did so because the importance of strategic management within the organization diminished and with it the essential structure and visibility required to achieve goals and avoid pitfalls. This proves the importance of strategic management in the business world.

Keeping this on focus, a guest lecture was organized for Department of Management studies, National Institute of Technology Trichy on Blue Ocean Strategy on 19 March 2016. Dr. Srinivasan Sundararajan warmly welcomed the guest speakers. The guest lecture was attended by Mr Gowrishankar Sundararajan Director Blue Ocean Strategy Institute, Malaysia. He is alumnus of NIT Trichy and INSEAD Business School. He addressed the student of DoMS NITT on Blue Ocean Strategy and shared his own experience with this niche sphere of strategy management. The other guest speaker for the day was Mr S Sundararajan Retd VP of EMA India. The event was inaugurated and presided over by our Dr. Srinivasan Sundararajan Director NIT Trichy.

Mr Gowrishankar Sundararajan hails from Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. The Blue Ocean Strategy institute of Malaysia delivers high impact services to the public at low cost. In addition, through blue ocean strategy, over 80 ministries and agencies – from police to military, to women, youth and higher education organizations- are collaborating to formulate and execute creative blue ocean strategy initiatives that are transforming Malaysia. Mr Gowrishankar emphasised various examples all over the world where blue ocean strategies were implemented and how they succeeded in achieving goals.

Mr S Sundararajan Retd VP of EMA India delivered a lecture on Lateral Thinking. He insisted the students to implement lateral thinking in challenges that they going to face. He also made DoMS students to take part in a fun-filled creative activity “The Marshmallow Challenge”.

The event ended with a vote of thanks by guest lecture committee of DoMS NIT Trichy.