16 Annas…. More than one Financial Show Stopper !!

     By the time this blog stealthily and most probably unlimitedly slips into your facebook groups, 16 Anna’s e-version would have already done that a week earlier (We both know that but it still makes literary sense !) . The Alphanumeric name of the magazine is quite misleading and a google search would give you an idea about what the plethora of objects ‘Anna’ is associated with. The Russian Tennis Sensation and more recently the spy ‘Anna Chapman’ who in my opinion is probably the most good looking spy (007 does not count and if you need a reason, Real life has an upper hand over Reel life). Closer home the first thing that strikes your mind is the octogenarian activist ‘ Anna Hazare’ followed by a plethora of others, like the name of a company which was associated with the 2G Scam. Apart from the meanings and feelings that ‘Anna’ can trigger in human beings, and some of which neither go weak nor change with time, the name when clubbed with the number 16 has its appeal assuming even greater heights. ‘16 Anna’, the financial magazine of NIT Trichy was released a week ago and generated rave reviews (this being the first one !) .

   There is so much about the name that one paragraph is not enough. The magazine has seen the light of the day due to a yahoo moment of Jai kishan Sahu, who came up with the idea and more than a dozen more, who wrote till their fingers hurt. While the magazine is Jai Kishan’s baby, the name is a brainchild of Md. Basheer . The outcome is there for everyone to see and stop at that, no interpretations please !. Resting all misinterpretations, this is how the name was christened. In Hindi, “16 Anna” (आनाānā) stands for one rupee and symbolizes completeness or 100 percent and aptly chosen as the name of the magazine which covers the ‘Economosphere’ . The information in the magazine is presented in such a manner that it will be helpful to make informed conversation and communicate the language of technology and business with equal ease.  The only disappointment being that you cannot see the dexterity of the handwriting of writers as the magazine’s maiden version is an electronic one. Since its the first issue, the paper version could not be brought out and very soon the coming versions would be on paper thereby enhancing the reading experience.  A DoMS initiative, in time it would induct members from the U.G. & P.G. engineering departments as well.

The magazine is divided into 22 sections spread over 24 pages which cover the entire spectrum of financial world’s happenings. The magazine focuses on the areas of business and economy , which impact our daily lives. The business and economy related information are compiled in a manner that its in tune with the specific needs and interests of students. The idea is to notify the readers with business and economy related news along with acquainting with Business models of the companiezs, its promoters, marketing strategies, organizational structure and the likes.


Same Old Story…..Running Successfully !!

    The Department of Management Studies has been selected as the recipient of  the 20th Dewang Mehta Business School Award in the ‘B-School in the Leadership Category’ . The award was conferred on 24th November,2012 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. The award recognizes the talent and leadership among business schools across India and is supported by Ms. Shaila Mehta, Onward Foundation for Dewang Mehta Awards in the memory of Late Shri Dewang Mehta. The chairman of the jury is Dr. Prasad Medury, a partner at Amrop India Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and the patron Mr. Harish Mehta, Chairman & M.D. at Amrop India Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

    The awards are in recognition of leadership, development, innovation and industry interface of Business Schools. The department has been receiving a host of awards apart from ‘Dewang Mehta Award’  in continuation and the frequency has increased in the last couple of years. “Outstanding B-School” in South India category has been the favorite of awarders when they look at DoMS, NIT Trichy. Bloomberg UTV & ABP News have conferred the award on DoMS in the years  2011 & 2012. The institute was also awarded by ‘Dewang Mehta Awards’ in the category “Business School which encourages innovation that leads to better development” for the year 2011. Apart from the awards, DoMS has also been rising the national rankings steadily and a case in point is the 25th rank in the Best B-School in India by AIMA, the organizing body for MAT examinations in the year 2011.

    This breakaway success has been possible because of the efforts of Dr S Sundarrajan, Director NIT Trichy, an AICTE ‘Distinguished Professor’ and a titan associated with 400 industries and 40 academic institutions. He is the brain associated with production of prestigious missile systems like Agni, Prithvi, Akash and Brahmos. Dr. S Sundarrajan holds his undergraduate and post gradute degree from in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras. Besides, he also has a PG certificate from Indian Statistical Institute and has constantly been a sense of inspiration for the students and faculty of NIT Trichy.

    Another source of stimulus for innovation in the department is Dr. N. Thamaraiselvan, H.O.D., Management Studies, NIT Trichy. Dr. Thamaraiselvan has been associated with the department for over two decades and is an alumnus of the department and has presented and published papers at various national and international conferences and journals.

    The department has the uniqueness of offering specialization in Analytics & IT Consulting area. While Dr. M. Punniyamoorthy, Dean Institute Development and Professor, Department of Management Studies NIT Trichy, steers the course in Analytics, Dr. G. Kannabiran has been at the forefront of the specialization in Business Analysis & I.T. Consulting. Together they have been a source of motivation, energy and inspiration for the college. Dr. Pooniamoorty is also the author of the book ‘Production Management and Data Analysis’, which is a standard in the subject. When it comes to awards, the professors of the department do not lag behind, Dr. Kannabiran was recently conferred the ‘Best I.T. Faculty ” in India by Bloomberg UTV.

    Apart from state of the art facilities and best of the academicians as faculty, the department is also at the forefront when it comes to engaging the industry and academia by workshops, conclaves and seminars. In a matter of 4 months the department has organized a conclave on HR, and workshops in Business Analysis & I.T. Consulting and Data Mining. The industry captains showed up in attendance and lectured on the above occasions. Apart from this, the department also organizes Guest lecturers regularly to bring best the faculties and industry people to impart knowledge and share their experiences

Advance with ‘Avance’-The HR Conclave !!

   A day-long workshop on a Saturday is not what you look forward to on a weekend but that’s how life@DoMS-NITT  is, which can be studied in detail on Pagalguy at a thread which surprisingly has similar nomenclature. Apart from the insight, another thread which kept the students tied till the end was sumptuous lunch. The Guest Lecture Committee (DoMS ,NIT-T) was host again, to experts from industry and academia for the workshop on ‘Emerging Trends in HR’.

   Domain experts from the area of HR enlightened students during ‘AVANCE ’12’ on an array of areas which included evolution of various practices, causes for the evolution, and the most recent developments in the domain. Presiding over the event, Dr. S. Sundarrajan (Director,NIT-T) said that ‘HR today has made the organizations more comfortable and transparent’.

  The key note address by Philip K Mammen, Vice President – Human Resources at Tata Elxsi Ltd,  elicited students’ thoughts on human resource management explicating the mega trends that are changing the world. His address mapped the future of HR executive and how he/she will act as strategic business partner thereby bringing about a transformation in the operations of an organization. Mr. Balakarthikeyan Nagarajan, HR Manager at Global Research Team, General Electric and most importantly an alumnus of DoMS NITT was the next to address. He emphasized on the volatility of the economy and how work life flexibility and reverse mentoring will help in retaining the employees.

  The session by Santosh Mishra, Director-HR, Innovations Lab [24]7 Inc., focused on how HR practices are realized through innovation in a technology oriented company like [24]7. He also highlighted the importance of macro business and economic environment as the future framework of HR. The session was followed by a session by Mr. R Johnsekar from EID Parry, who spoke on ‘Next Generation HR’. He defined the various business challenges that would be faced by the upcoming HRs and focused on the importance of them in the value creation process.

   The last session was jointly delivered by two eminent personalities form HCL. Mr. Srinivasan Govindan, Director – Human Resources at HCL technologies concentrated on the inevitability of talent supply i.e. to provide right person for a right job at the right time as the key responsibility of the upcoming managers in this domain. While Mr. Sriram Srinivasan, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at HCL Technologies Ltd., informed the students about the EFCS (Employee First Customer Second) policy of HCL and the benefit which the organization has gained from it.

    It does stop at that, the daylong session encroached into the evening of a cultural event which allowed late entry. What happened after that? we crashed on our beds !! Good Night. 🙂

Data Mining for the Riches !!

   Mining minerals has been a King-Maker (and some ministers as well !) for decades, now its Data Mining that is going to do it ( time some Khadi !) .Its been the buzz word in the world of computing and ever since its inception; it has been reaping rave reviews. Thus,DoMS NIT-T aptly organized a  3-day workshop on “Nuances of Support Vector Machines”. With this DoMS-NITT reestablishes/ justifies (make your pick)  its place in the elite club of 3-day workshop conducting management institutes. It already has the ‘T-20’ hour long guest lectures and One-Day workshops under its belt. The only thing missing is the 5-day version and is best left to cricket.

Support Vector Machines (SVMs), a new generation learning system is based on recent advances in statistical learning theory. Now that sounds too geeky and nerdy at the same time, trust me it did not in reality when the speakers lead by Dr. M.Punniamoorthy, Dean (Institute Development) and Professor, DoMS NITT took over the dais.  The event was organized under the aegis of Department of Management Studies(DoMS), National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli and was aimed at learning the “Nuances of Support Vector Machines” and hence the title.

The workshop pulsated as a collective effort that stemmed first, as a great nascent idea of Dr. M.Punniamoorthy. He is an authority in the Analytics domain and  stands as a perfect example of how a person can ignite young minds into collaborating and also to orchestrate a milestone like this . The account cannot be complete without acknowledging the contribution of  Ms.P.Sridevi, Assistant Professor, DoMS NITT whose guidance was instrumental in conducting this workshop on SVMs.

Dr.Srinivasan Sundarrajan, Director NIT Trichy inaugurated the workshop and addressed the gathering about the niceties of data analytics and it’s applications in the industry. He also spoke about the significance of case studies in Management curriculum.Later,Dr.N.Thamaraiselvan, Head of the Department, Management Studies delivered the welcome address. He enlightened the crowd on the aspects of Data mining and its industry oriented applications.

The event kicked off with an inspiring lecture on ‘Introduction to Classification Techniques in Data mining and Support Vector Machines by Dr.M.Punniyamoorthy’. He threw light  on the basics of SVMs and the different types of it, such as– Linearly separable, Linearly Inseparable and Non linear SVMs. He also touched upon the various details involved in SVMs and gave examples to understand the concepts better. There was also a hands on session which was aimed at making the audience comprehend the nuances involved in SVMs.

Nothing beats a combination of  a Professor,Research Scientist and a Research Scholar speaking in a forum. Its like watching live telecast of cricket matches siting on your couch from different angles and techniques used by the broadcaster to make  the experience an enriched one. As hinted, a presentation on ‘SVM based automatic Speech Recognition systems’ by Dr.J.Manikandan , a Research Scientist at Crucible of Research and Innovation(CORI) and  professor at PESIT, Bangalore.He highlighted  the real time applications of SVM in pattern recognition,speech recognition and Image segmentation.

The final day had a session on Artificial Neural Network and its applications by  Ms.Rani Sushmita, Research Scholar at DoMS, explaining her thesis on Patient satisfaction in two kinds of Hospitals (Multi Specialty hospitals with cardiac care as a unit and  Cardiac Specialty Hospitals) using Neural Networks. Dr.M.Punniamoorthy wrapped up the workshop with a session on Fuzzy classification and Fuzzy SVMs. Certificates were distributed to the participants at the end of the workshop.

WorkShop Till You DoMS !

    This is the first time DoMS has been used as a verb and rightly so.The magnitude of action that happens at DoMS qualifies it as a verb and the quality of them as an adjective.All that DoMS is short of from being all hg parts of speech is interjection, and its highly unlikely to achieve the feat as its a happening place.A workshop on “Emerging Practices in Business Analysis and IT Consulting” was conducted on 22nd Sep, 2012 at NIT-Trichy.The topic was

    The big four of Indian IT;Cognizant,TCS,Wipro & Infosys were represented at the workshop by senior executives. Syntel & Flexitronics were also represented. The one day workshop on ‘Emerging Practices in Business Analysis and IT Consulting’   organized at DoMS, NIT-Trichy saw . The workshop could see the light of the day due to the persistent efforts taken by of  Dr. Kannabiran,DoMS,NIT-Trichy. Dr. Kannabiran in his address to the participants of the workshop laid emphasis on the need to bridge the gap between the academia and industry.Bringing them together by means of  workshops like these would help bridge the gap.

   Dr. T. Selvaraj, NIT-Trichy gave the presidential address  highlighting the importance of analysis in real business scenarios. The workshop began with the key note speech by Mr. K. Kamesh,Senior Director-CBC,Cognizant-Chennai. Mr. Kamesh  has been associated with the endeavors of DoMS, NIT-Trichy in the past as well by helping us design the curriculum of Business Analysis & IT Consulting curriculum. The workshop  in 2009 at IIT Madras  titled “IT Consulting for Capital Markets” and was gratified by the presence of  Mr. Kamesh. This time, he shed light on the entire spectrum of roles offered for Business Analysis in IT Consulting. Having seen it being constructed,he explained how the business analysts construct  business processes. The upside-down world of IT was explained buy someone who has seen it from close distance  where solutions enable the business rather than being the trouble solver. All things IT  require good interpersonal skills and thus, he also emphasized on its importance  for a fast growing career in the field of business analysis.

   Practice makes a man perfect and up next we had a practitioner, Mr. Vs.  Sivakumar ,Senior Consultant from Tata Consultancy Services-Chennai. He spoke on “a practitioner’s view to the field of business analysis” . His portrayal of how an IT service provider matures from a vendor to become a partner with the clients and how the role of a business analyst transforms during the change was of great help in understanding the nitty-gritties of the business. A little deeper and we saw the whole process of  conceptualizing and analyzing framework to arrive at the best IT solutions that exceeds clients needs without fail.

     The third lecture of the day was delivered by Mr. Siva Padmanabhan, V.P.-Customer Solutions at Flextronics Inc. . Flextronics, derives its name from its ability  to manufacture a wide variety of electronics.Some of them are marketed under its name and the rest are built to 0rder for clients. Mr. Padmanabhan provided an insight into the mode of operation of his company where design, build, ship, & service model is in practice.The company provides service to the leading players of electronics Industry including mobile handset manufacturer HTC. He recognized the emerging opportunities in the area of ‘Cloud Computing’ and the third wave of growth in IT for the coming five to six years, the previous ones being the development of mainframes and open source.

    To make it convenient and address the hungry participants ( this time for food !) and speakers, the workshop was  divided into 2 parts, with the post lunch session being taken by consultants & analysts from Wipro, Syntel & Infosys. They spoke over the Service Lines for a Business Analyst, Emerging Trends, Emerging practices of CPG industry & Information Risk management.

    The fourth session was delivered by consultants from Wipro. Mr. Jaswinder Singh (Senior Consultant) was the first to address the participants and gave an inspiring lecture on the ‘Trends and Emerging practices and The role of Analytic Solutions in the Consumer Goods Industry’. It was followed by Mr. Barath Srinivasan (Consultant)  talking about ‘Trade Promotion Optimization and the Service Lines Available for the Business Analysts’. The last speaker was Mr. Kumaravel Ramanathan (Consultant ) who made a presentation on Information Risk management.

    The fifth session for the day was delivered by executives from Syntel (Retail Domain). Mr. Siva Balkrishnan ,PriceDirector-RLT at Syntel Inc. He emphasized on the Best Practices in Business Analysis and IT consulting by giving a prelude on the myths and facts about the role of a Business Analyst(BA).To put things in a natural way, he defined the role of BA as the person who asks more questions to develop a better model.

    The sixth and the last session for the day was taken by Mr. Mr.R.Santhanakrishnan (Senior Principal – Consulting, Infosys). He gave a new perspective to the workshop by looking at business analysis through business analytics. He briefed how data can be an asset to any organization and how a business analyst can capitalize the data to add value to his/her client’s business. Students were thrilled to work on his case study and they presented their strategies as individual groups on how to use the data to solve the business problem. He analysed the strategies discussed and provided his valuable inputs and recommendations to the teams. His insights on how to work on change management was well appreciated by the students.

    If consulting is pouring some knowledge out of your head, I am not sure how much I would be able to do it but I sure felt brain drained and physically exhausted !!

The Toyota Way…..All the way to Bengaluru !!

     It was a fun trip to Bengaluru, where  the students of DoMS NIT-Trichy  learned the Toyota Way ! .The second year batch of DoMS, NIT-Trichy was aided financially by the institute to make a one day trip to TKM i.e. Toyota Kirloskar Motors as a part of its curriculum in TQM (Total Quality Management ) .Accompanied by Dr. G. Muruganantham ,Prof.-Marketing at DoMS, the batch left Trichy on Wednesday evening and came back on Friday morning. Reaching  Bengaluru early morning on Thursday, we thought it better to see Lalbaug botanical garden which was round the corner from our lodge.Hot Dosai and Idli awaited us at the breakfast table and we made up for it by eating a heartful.  Stomach full, it was time for some eye full of ‘Brands’ ( mind you, we had a marketing faculty with us).And thus, we headed towards Forum Mall, where a little icing on the cake was McDonalds ( REmind you, we had a marketing faculty with us) and predicatively so we brought cones for us along with other stuffs that others stuffed their stomach with. There are no free lunches in the world ,not even ice-creams and the march towards  TKM, Bidadi.

    A  Conference Room awaited us where most of the talking was be done by the speakers from Toyota as we were awestruck by the Quality of their work and with dropping jaws making a sound is difficult let alone decipherable words. A picture says a thousand words and epic story of  Toyota & Kirloskar were said by a hundred of them, displayed chronologically in a semi-circular fashion.We were briefed about the Company by a presentation on the Toyota Way and the entire Toyota group, followed by the Q & A Session which lasted about half an hour. The honors were done by Mr. ShaktiVelan, DGM-Product Development (TKM-Bidadi) & Design & Mr. Muniraj ,Manager-Administration (TKM-bIToyota. Accompanying him were Mr. Prashant  & Mr. Laxshmi Narsimhan . All thanks to Mr. Shakti Velan for taking out time from his busy schedule and addressing the group, though he does not head the department  anymore.

    Interesting facts , figures and information were thrown at us, which we caught clean in our notebooks.Some of them are shared here for the benefit of the reader. Foundation for the first plant at Bidadi was laid in 1997 . Now, there are two plants inside the 432 acre TKM campus. Plant 1 manufactures overweight vehicles like Inoova, Fortuner, Corolla etc. The capacity of this plant is 90000 units per year while Plant 2 dedicated to manufacturing Etios, Liva etc manufacture 1,20,000 units in a year. These vehicles are dispatched to the 183 dealers across India and have recently started to ship Etios to South Africa. The plant is raising its capacity and by January it will be manufacturing 3,10,000 units a year. A car comprises around 32000 parts and thus no company can manufacture all. Thus, Toyota has 108 OSS ( On Site Suppliers ) worldwide and 8 are located at the Bidadi facility. On site suppliers are critical for supplies like Glasses, Sheet Metal, Axel etc. The engine for most of the vehicles are imported from Thailand while Chassis is imported from Japan. The plant sources other components from automobile hubs of Delhi, Chennai & Pune. The plant is one of the technologically advanced manufacturing plants in the production of passenger vehicles in India. The plant has other state of the art facilities like the Toyota Hall, Gurukul- the training centre, where training is imparted in quality, management and logistics in a model plant. A dedicated 5 km test track has also been laid to test run the vehicles. However, not all the vehicles are tested. Corporate Social Responsibility has been ingrained in the Toyota Way and thus a TTTI facility is also present on the campus where rural boys from Karnataka are trained to level that is more than the I.T.I. level and also given on-job training for one year. After decades in being a leader in the utility vehicle segment worldwide, Toyota now has a much diversified portfolio.

       After being briefed through the introduction of TKM plant, we explored one of most advanced manufacturing facility. We were divided into 2 groups of 25 people so that we could get individual attention. We visited 2 plants, right from examination of engine parts, assembling of engine and main manufacturing of vehicles. There are 77 departments at TKM, with 2-3 members at senior levels on deputation from Japan. One very interesting fact that we came across was that contract employees are treated at par with permanent and thus shows the ethics and values of Toyota. The plant operates with two shifts beginning 5:45 AM and ending 11 PM, the shift dedicated completely to maintenance. This is probably the reason why Toyota maintains such high standards of quality. Each process takes around 2-3 minutes and music is plays every time there is a fault according to the ‘Jidoka’ principle. The visualization of actions is brought into picture by putting yesterday’s work on charts so that everyone can see the issues faced and the solutions provided for the same or the status if it still prevails. Other major quality principles are also brought to practice with ‘Heijunka’ being one of them. The tact time at the plant is 2 days. Toyota has a global footprint with 51 overseas companies in 26 countries marketing vehicles across 140 countries with a dealer network of 6000. Not only presence, the quality of work is also excellent with Toyota having 218 patents filed in its name across a dozen and half countries. Apart from manufacturing, Toyota has its registered offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon & Kolkata from where the marketing and customer relations functions operate. Hands on approach to Production (where theory meets practical): Each Group was taken separately and explained functioning of the plant. A lot of theory is learnt is class regarding how the manufacturing units focus on Total Productivity, Total Quality, Zero Defect, etc…but by far this was the first hands on experience on how does a Manufacturing unit or plant works. Here we were explained about how the assembly line manufacturing process works. This section of the plant deals with the installation of the main engine of the vehicles.  We were also introduced to how the stations work in co-ordination to get optimum results. The students were taken through a complete channel of stations on the assembly line and the supervisor explained each of those complicated process. He told us about the lag or lead time being calculated and at every station and the opertaor tries to improve on it so as to reduce the time effect in assembling each engine. The plants where vehicles are manufactured in assembly lines follow Total Quality Management (TQM) and Total Productivity Management (TPM). Every sub-unit contributes to the production. They avoid material handling losses with pulleys and fork-lifts. All these techniques add value to the production. Indeed there is no surprise they improve their quality and reduce time with every unit of vehicle production. At last, we were shown the area where the shining cars are kept to be loaded in the trucks for distribution.

    Later,Mr. Shakti Velan addressed the group and answered the queries of the participants. The trip to Toyota came to a close with Dr. G. Muruganantham expressing his gratitude towards the TKM for providing the opportunity to DoMS for plant visit. The fact that TKM organises 2 such visits daily for students and professionals and also industry counterparts was also highlighted. He also thanked Mr. Shaktivelan for his association with DoMS during M-Pulse 2012 and extended invitation for guest lectures in future. The necessity of such engagements to bridge the gap between industry and academia was also taken up. The blog can not be complete without mentioning ‘Nitin Simha Vihari’, Class Representative,Batch  2011-13, who had the opportunity to intern at TKM and delivered the vote of thanks on the behalf of DoMS. 🙂 


Balancing Act !!

    Some wise person has said,”Too many academic lectures and no speakers from industry makes MBA’s dull !”.Don’t know who said it but DoMS NIT-T has taken preventive measures by calling industry people regularly for guest lectures. Thursday’s guest  Mr. Krishna Kumar from Dalmia Cements is a part of the guest lecture series conducted Industry Experts to abreast the budding managers with industrial practices. Balance Score Card,the topic for the day  finds usage in various areas,especially HR. Mr. Kumar highlighted the significance of BSC in strategy formulation. While the session was very interactive and the participants understood every bit, the only fear that kept Mr. Kumar occupied was that whether everyone understood the language . Not to be out-witted,DoMSians answered all his questions.This made the otherwise formal event very light as well and thus broke the ice every time it threatened to form in the air conditioned hall.  

  Life of a DoMSian is a hurried one especially in the fourth trimester when an array of guest lectures,placement, team building,cultural and sports activities keep you super busy.Thus balancing your act becomes of utmost importance, on this tightrope walk of time management.Time management,though not taught as a course is embedded into the system so well that you can claim to have specialized in it.So much for the little time i had in my jam-packed schedule to punch this,there is an early morning workshop nad i have to do my sleeping act,as i don’t get enough of it these days.

Brand Awarded by The Re-Branded !!

Star News in its new avatar as ABP News chose DoMS,NIT-Trichy as the Outstanding B-school (south)  on 30th June. The award function was attended by the who’s who of business world and organized at Taj Lands End,Bandra (W),Mumbai – 50. Mr.Yeshwant ,Therapy Manager – Internal Medicine, Sanofi India received it on behalf of the department and is a proud alum.

   Its for the consecutive 3rd year that ABP News has conferred the award on DoMS,NIT Trichy. A parallel can be drawn to the advertisement in the run up to the news channels re-branding which emphasized that ‘Only the name has changed and your STAR will still be the same’. The news channel has lived upto the letter and spirit of the campaign and chose another star DoMS,NIT Trichy for Outstanding B-school (south).This award takes the tally of awards conferred on the institute to 6 in the past 18 months.

Alma Matters a Lot !

Chapter meets of DoMS ,NIT Trichy were organized in the four most happening places in the country. The excellent organization by Alumni Committee was applauded by the alums.The last two Saturdays,DoMSians from across the batches met in Delhi,Mumbai,Bengaluru & Chennai.The 2011-13 batch has continued with the tradition of connecting with their alumni.The response shown by alumni was also commendable who found time from their busy schedules and attended the meet.Despite the meet being an informal dinner,the alumni took keen interest in our internship’s and clarified our doubts regarding career and life.

The northern leg of the meet was organized in ‘Pind Baluchi’, a restaurant which specializes in dishes from our North-West frontier.The piping hot starters achieved the twin goals of satiating the hunger which crops up every time you hear ‘Pind Baluchi’ and acting as a conversation starter as well.

The sudden monsoon did no deter our alumni from Mumbai to reach Saffron Spice for the meet. We were amazed by their enthusiasm and the love they have towards their Alma mater. The southern legs were also quite interesting both in Chennai (Pratap Plaza) and Bangalore (H2O).

One common sign across all places is that even after these many successful years in corporate life, our alums miss our college badly !! It is only through these memorable occasions that we feel delighted to be a part of a successful DoMS family.

We hope that you had a good time getting associated with DoMS again. Au Revoir until we see you again !!

Arsenal Boosted Up….

      When i say ‘Arsenal’, i don’t speak on behalf of A.K.Antony who is doing it to rebuff the details of letter-leak of Gen. Singh nor am i talking about the famed soccer club.. I am talking about a stockpile of books which arrived at DoMS,NIT-Trichy and whose budget is as  heavy to DoMS as the Defence budget to the FM(Finance Minister and not Financial Mgmt.  ). At a cost of Rs. 3 lakhs DoMS has revamped the variety and quantity of books in the library. Out of the allocated money Rs. 1 lakhs were spent on the prestigious Harvard Business Review or HBR.The department would now have access to both soft and hard copies of the journal. The department which subscribes to all kind of business and general magazine would see an additional spend of Rs. 2 lakhs on reference books,novels and other business related journals.So bring out the reader in you and occupy a chair in the library because there is more to read than you ever can. Happy Reading 🙂