Prabandh 16

On 6th of Feb, Prabandh the annual management conclave of DoMS started with aplomb.


With the ever changing corporate world and economic conditions, it is important to stay updated. Taking this into account, the Guest Lecture committee decided that Prabandh 16 would focus on current and future trends in the corporate world. Prabandh 16 was meticulously planned from the start. The speakers were invited from different sectors in the corporate world, to make the conclave all encompassing.

The event started with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, by Dr. V. J. Sivakumar, Head of Department, DoMS, NIT Trichy, by Professor Dr. G. Kannabiran and other esteemed speakers of Prabandh.


The event was graced by Dr. G. Muruganantham, Dr. K. Nigama, Mrs. Shoba, other staff members, and the students of the 36th and 37th batch of the Department of Management Studies.

Dr V.J. Sivakumar and Dr.G. Kannabiran gave a brief speech on the need to keep track of the new trends in corporate world. They also shared their valuable insights on the topic.

The speakers for Prabandh 16, were leaders in their respective fields. The first speaker Mrs. Dhamayanthi N, Associate VP – TechCEED (HCL), spoke about technology trends and new business models, by citing numerous examples. Mrs Dhamayanthi who has worked for several years with HCL, also spoke about the emerging domain of HR analytics and IOT (Internet of Things).

Mr. Varadarajan Srinivasan, VP (Navitas), spoke about the developments in pharmaceutical industry and about India’s large generic drug market. He also spoke on the emerging trends in IT consulting and about the potential in a Domain niche field like Life Sciences.

Mr. Mohit Mathur, Director- Business Transformation, FLIPKART, spoke on creation of value for customers, and why we create it. Strategy Execution and OKR (Objectives and Key results) and other trends emerging in the corporate world were also discussed.

Lastly, Mr Sanjai K, Regional Head (Asia Pacific) SAP Solution Delivery Centre, also an alumnus of our very own DoMS, gave a motivating speech on corporate leadership, interjecting many experiences he had had, in his long successful corporate career.

All the speakers dedicated time for Q&A after their respective speeches and graciously answered all the questions posed by DoMS students.

The official yearly newsletter of DoMS-NITT, “Pronto” was also released on the day.

The session ended with DoMS students presenting a brief seminar on “New business models in emerging markets”.


Prabandh 16 gave DoMs students an understanding of the changing trends in the corporate world. The interaction sessions, allowed the students to deepen their knowledge and clarify their doubts in different corporate sectors.

A New Nest for DoMS

It was a moment of joy to the DoMS Community as the new DoMS building got inaugurated in the campus.

The DoMS-NITT new block was in full glory as Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Honourable Minister of Civil Aviation, inaugurated the 38-year-old B-school’s new building on January 8th. The Honourable Minister unveiled the plaque, which would be later embossed in the new building. The event also had the Honourable Minister interacting with the students and answering all their questions on the civil aviation sector.


The new block of DoMS is of two floors, having a built up area of around 1300 sqm in ground floor and 1270 sqm in first floor within the land area of 4875 sqm situated adjacent to Silver Jubilee building facing central avenue road.

The location of the building gives access on two directions and the building has central court yard for better lighting and cross ventilation.  All the rooms are Air conditioned and the exteriors are finished with Aluminium composite panel for better elevation.

The new building also boasts of six classrooms, of which one is a smart classroom. It is truly a gift to DoMS as we enter in this New Year.

2015, Total Recap

2015 was another year that passed by us, through us, letting us experience it effusively, as every year does. The year indeed did many changes to the way we think. It was a year strewed with many events that quaked the global stock exchange market, from the Greece crisis to the fall in the automobile market because of the Volkswagen scandal. At the National front, it was a year that saw India overtake China in GDP growth.

At DoMs, It was a year filled with many pioneering events.Begin

The academic year started with the eventful Firm games. The competitions which were remarkably diverse, ranging from short-film making to cricket, served as an ice-breaker between seniors and juniors


The fresher’s party was a much needed distraction to turn away from corpulent finance books and analytical case studies and enjoy a lovely evening. The stirring night packed with entertaining games never had a dull moment and made all the first years wholly welcome into the DoMs NITT family.fp

The Teacher’s day program was the first formal event organized by the First year students of DoMs NITT.  The students made numerous creative games for the faculty of DoMs and made the event a grand success.


This year also its fair share of workshops and Guest lectures. Many alumni visited the campus to share their knowledge and their campus memories, to the present students of DoMs. Notable businessmen like Mr.Ravi Kumar, CEO of Zanec and field experts like Dr. Suresh Paul Antony (Marketing) and Dr. Alka Chadha (Game Theory) from IIM Trichy and Mr. Nagarajan. K  Addl. General Manger, Valves and Mr. Narayanan Krishnamurthi General Manager, Engineering and R&D from BHEL Trichy, our supportive neighbour, delivered guest lectures in our campus. Due to continuous improvement, DoMs-NITT was ranked 25th in 2015 Outlook B-school Ranking.


This year also saw SEP (Skill Enhancement Program), a national level skill enhancement program organized by DoMs faculty Dr. Muruganantham. DoMs students helped to arrange the entire event.

To enhance inter-departmental interactions of DoMs, Shuttle Busters, a Badminton tournament was organized by DoMs students, which saw participants from the entire campus. This year also saw the birth of MSA (Management students Association) and a new club at DoMs, The Regimen Club, that aims to improve the debating, and analytical skills of students, through various games, formal discussions and unique case studies.


As we come to the end of 2015, and as we relish upon the fond memories of 2015, we hope and pray that 2016 may nourish our souls and add more stones to the dreams we are building. We hope that 2016 may be a year that is filled with new beginnings, new thoughts and new decisions. We wish you a blessed 2016.