“My dad’s strong” was the ending dialogue by a cute little angel in Complan’s advertisement almost a decade ago. Children have been used in advertisements since time immemorial. Children have been used to aid in more than “just effective communication”, but to have a considerable share in the hearts and minds of the viewers. The power of using children in ads have been exploited by advertisers from time to time as the emotional attachment in the indian value system places more emphasis on the family, which primarily revolves around the child.

If we research the adverts by the different firms over a period of time, it would be clear that there is a trend. Sometimes a success of an ad leads to another me-too kind of ads. The current trend of rising advertisements using children can be very well noticed from the ads used by Reliance Digital to the ads by Ingersoll Rand. Children have been normally used in ads to evoke and attach an emotional value to the ads. Ads are all about emotions, and using children gives an easy approach to get this done.

Quoting my father, whenever he used to get upset of me “Whatever I am doing is for you and whatever I am earning is for you only….” (some words have been censored to keep the author in a better image:) ). Jokes apart, Indian value system revolves largely around the family and especially around the kids. Attaching emotional quotient to advertisements is the prime motive in most of the advertisements. Unless the EQ level is hit with the right impact the advertisements may not yield desirable results. Research has shown that these ads also have a higher brand recall. Product brand recall is very much essential to increase the probability of a prospect researching on the product and increasing the possibility of conversion into a buyer.

This is especially essential in items which are high involvement purchases and in products where there is only little differentiation. Insurance plans are one such product where the possible differentiation is visibly less. The child education plans initially used to have advertisements showing the different features attached to the product. This was in the initial stages of the lifecycle. After the level of differentiation slowly started reducing, they shifted to showcase the parents love for their progeny, and after sometime now the children have become the protagonists. SBI SBI ad, Tata Capital Tata, LIC LIC are some of the names in the financial product category which have been regularly leveraging child-like emotions and children to evoke beneficial responses. The product differentiation is very much reduced in this market. Hence attaching emotional value plays a significant role.

But children and the child-like emotions, mind it not childish, have been utilised in many famous ads from the Tata Nano to Nivea. Even though the purposes are not just to create an emotional moment of parity, but also to evoke the memories attached with our childhood moments and some other features, to which everybody gets easily hooked. For example, Nivea and Pears use children to evoke a comparative response with the skin of a child. Voltas has been using children to attach an emotional value and simultaneously conveying a message to avoid clutter in the AC category which usually has actress or by just displaying a new technology of air conditioning.

Using children as protagonists in advertisements has become a fad. The recent lavishly spent advertisements by foreign major Ingersoll Rand using the pride of the child in having her dad working for the company as the main theme is a proof for this phenomenon. The advertisers are using children to hit the right spot ringing and to get them converted to suitable responses from the target audience- the parents. The influencers are the emotional attachment with the child and the deciders are the Parents. The advertisers have been using the influencers to take the effectiveness of the ads northwards.

Ingersoll Rand ad:

Ingersoll Rand ad

Urgent: Centre Change

Hi Aspirants
Congrats to all those who have got a call for GD/PI.
The centre for Delhi has been changed to DoMS-IIT Delhi.
This is in front of the past address,Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Vidyapeetha.
Please note the new address
DoMS-IIT Delhi
Vishwakarma Bhavan
Shaheed Jeet singh Marg
New delhi-110016

Admission Cell

Outstanding B-School Award

DoMS-NIT Trichy’s commitment to managerial excellence was once again recognised with the Outstanding B-School award(South) by Star News for the year 2011.

Former HOD Dr. M.Punniyamoorthy received the award at the function held at Hotel Taj Lands End, Bandra, Mumbai on 12th February 2011.
The award is organised in partnership with Business World, a leading business magazine in India.

Workshop on IT and Role of MBA in an IT firm

Workshop on IT and Role of MBA in an IT firm

IT plays a very important role in today’s glocal economy. IT is the growth driver both directly and indirectly. The workshop on Data analysis and role of MBA in IT was a perfect platform for learning and unlearning for the budding managers in DoMS-NIT Trichy. The first in the lecture series was delivered by Dr. L.S Ganesh from DoMS- IIT Madras. The style was unique without the aid of any presentation tools and strong reliance on mind techniques. His penchant for systems was very much infectious. The lecture dealt on the contexts of systems in life like me alone, me in home, me at work and me in public.

Dr. LSG’s flamboyant style

Dr. LSG strongly emphasised that leaders are never created but they are nurtured. Intelligent scepticism is a trait required by managers. Apart from Dr. LSG’s vast knowledge in systems, his take on ethics was formidable. He professed that the violation of ethics can be divided into sin, mistake and error. Errors can be divided into minor errors and major blunders. They are performed without the conscious knowledge of the individual. Mistakes are classified as small mistakes and big catastrophes. Finally, sins are committed with the conscious knowledge and an intention to deceive and they are classified as ordinary and cardinal sins.  Violation of restraint is a sin.

Ravi Vishwanathan, Global Vice President, Telecom Services, TCS was the next distinguished speaker. His personal experience sharing was a practical way of teaching via example. His leadership qualities established TCS operations in Scandinavia. When a well known IT and hardware provider quoted more than ten times of TCS, scepticism was evident in the clients. Questions were raised on the level of quality interactions between the employees of TCS and the client and on the level of quality deliveries. Ultimately after TCS  received the order it not only captured the minds of the clients, but also established Indian flags in the Scandinavian regions. TCS became the first Indian service provider to start operations in this region. He shared the parable of the sadhu, which had application to our daily lives. In our daily lives we are often in dilemmas between performing different tasks. Dr. Kannabiraman was thankful for the live experience sharing by Mr. Ravi.

The session on “Role of MBA in IT” was a lecture which had all eyeballs rolling. Mr. Namby Dhandapani, Director, Business development, Cognizant was the speaker. The lecture dealt with different business models. Software as a service, commonly known as SaaS, is a trend which is evident in the success of websites like salesforce.com. IT firms are moving towards a more cost effective business model. Outsourcing is an outdated model and will be replaced by more competitive and cost effective models.  One of these models is “Cloud computing” or simply “cloud” which is the future of IT services. In this new model, the entire burden of maintaining the infrastructure like servers has been taken off from the users. The complete infrastructure will be hosted on the “Cloud” and they can be consumed on a “pay per usage“ basis. Also the cloud servers can be hosted and accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus it would not face the negative criticism that Outsourcing faces today.

The workshop on IT was a platform for confluence of ideas and minds. It was a ready mix food for thought for the budding managers in DoMS-NIT Trichy. Students were appreciative of the efforts taken by Dr. Kannnabiraman, Dean, Research and development, NIT Trichy and Professor at DoMS-NITT.

The Brand “DoMS-NITT”

DoMS is among the oldest B schools in India. It was started way back in 1978 as M.E programme in Management which transformed itself into M.B.A in 1982. This is the only programme among the NITs, which is funded by the Ministry of H.R.D. Let me don the teachers’ role, change my tone, and share this with you that in the early 90’s the industry was in need of industrial managers more than managers with varied specialities because our country was dominated by mechanical industries. Also those were the times when the software bug had not bitten India and hence the stress for M.E programme during the stages of inception. So right now an inquisitive person or rather a pagalguy inside me is screaming aloud “Arey pagal come to the point I want to know more about DoMS” .. DoMS is “The most fun and merry churning” place I have found till date. The friends @ DoMS-NITT that God has showered upon me are one of my greatest assets. They are fantastic, lively, diverse, outstanding.. maybe my mental dictionary is short of words and I will have to search for some more adjectives. I am ecstatic to see such gems amongst us.

DoMS offers us unlimited scoops of ice creams in a single cone. The single cone is MBA @ DoMS-NITT. So what are the scoops? One of them is the kind of people we get to meet @DoMS. We have budding managers from north to south and east to west. We have people from engineering, commerce, arts and yes we do have an inhouse physiotherapist and pharmacists too oops!! they are our batch mates. But let me declare that while we are diverse in backgrounds, divided and separated by physical boundaries, our spirit is one. Another scoop is the kind of faculty @ DoMS. Another flavour to this ice cream is the lowest fees and hence one of the best ROI’s in India.

The first day and especially the first dinner party will be treasured in the abyss of my heart. May be i can call it the first event management opportunity that we received. Yes for some friends it was live event management. How is that you may ask.. talking to people in tamil which is greek to you and getting burgers, chicken, gobi manchs, and soft drinks was really the first live experience for some of us.(please control your appetite)

I am writing this post immediately after a fun packed session of FIRM games. I was really thrilled during some of the moments in the game. Well I will have to control my excitement as I will be having innumerable such moments, which I will be cherishing in my life. How can I mention about everything else and leave my beloved seniors. Our seniors are really awesome. They are down to earth and lend helping hand whenever and wherever possible. They have already passed the baton to us and let me assure our seniors, on behalf of the 2010-2012 batch, that we will rock DoMS-NITT and that we will definitely raise the bar which you have set and surge ahead.

So finally let me boil down to the purpose of this blog. This blog will be a chronicle for the activities, guest lectures, fun and obviously hot and interesting topics from the inhouse writers, editors, researchers and at large the business graduates @ DoMS-NITT.

Welcome to our blog. And Happy Reading.