Budding Entrepreneur with Budding Managers

DoMS NIT-T was enriched with an amazing experience when the students  invited  Mr.Sreedhar T.K. , Chief Managing Director of Novellsys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

A guest lecture on “Information Management” was delivered by Mr.Sreedhar who is also a board member of Aditya Trading Solutions. His experiences in various industries and the related knowledge were shared in the class. Mr.Sreedhar in his own style touched upon the functioning of different sections of business where management of information system plays a huge role . His excerpts made us realize when and how useful data turns into information for a manager to take informed decisions.

Students from DoMS participated enthusiastically and also benefited out of the interactive session. A vote of thanks was given by Mr. Gautham Nair.The overall experience was indeed fantastic where we learnt how to analyze, crunch and understand the informative data.

One month @ DoMS-NITT

“All in one” these are the first words that come  to my mind after spending a splendid one month at DoMS NIT-T. And why not, when NIT-T campus feels like “a mini city inside Trichy”,which has almost everything from bank to canteens and hospital to coffee shops.

The session started with a wonderful lecture and interaction with our HOD and other faculty members. One advantage of being here is that we get to know people from  diversity of  backgrounds , students from almost every state of India, both experienced and freshers join DoMS every year.

FIRM Cultural’s and Games were organized in the second week, specially  for the interaction between seniors and juniors, which we enjoyed a lot.I must say,when one is in the NIT-T campus, he should not worry about his fitness, since we have many sports grounds and courts inside the campus.

Last week kept us busy due to the tight schedule as we had a lot of case studies and assignments to submit, followed by a guest lecture by  professor Dr. Joffi Thomas from IIM Kozhikode on ‘Essential elements of Marketing Mix’.

And what an ending to the first month at DoMS NIT-T ,with a fresher party which was perfectly arranged by our seniors at the Breeze hotel.One month is over and another fabulous one has begun.As they say,time  flies once you are having a good time.But then i should be fair and tell u the truth, though its been exciting but i regret that the first month is gone 🙂