Map your destiny !!

Positive attitude and approach towards any domain makes a person successful. This was expressed beautifully by our own alumnus, Mr. Manikandan Murugesan on 10th January. No doubt, that information is power, but still more important is how you map your destiny towards success.

The lecture was very interesting that dealt with how any company or person should deal in the times of crisis. Case studies related to this was discussed like how the Taj hotel dealt with the 26/11 attack. The employees at Taj displayed such brave attitude, a sign of positive culture and affection. It is more important to serve before yourself.

From examples of Saina Nehwal to Malala Yusufi, the lecture instilled within us the courageous path taken by them to achieve their goals. This made us more inclined and look things from a different perspective. We look forward to such inspiring lectures that go beyond knowledge. It made us realise that is more important to map our own destiny and leave behind a trail.manikandan

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