Thrust for Innovation and Change

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Students of DoMS NIT Trichy were delighted to have with them Dr. Rishikesha T Krishnan, Professor and Chairperson, Corporate Strategy & Policy Area, IIM Bangalore for a seminar on Innovation and Corporate Strategy.

Dr Srinivasan Sundarrajan, Director, NIT Trichy marked the start of the event by delivering a welcome speech and motivating students to have a “Kaizen” approach towards work and life. Dr. Krishnan then presided over the event by exemplifying numerous Indian and global innovators who brought winds of change to the human race. He emphasized that though India is a pioneer to the “Frugal Innovation” or “Jugaad” methodology as we all know it, there is a dire need to move to “Systematic Innovation” to bring about a revolution and take a lead among the developing nations.

Describing being inquisitive as the first step to innovation, Dr. Krishnan elaborated how curiosity can give birth to subtle differences in one’s realms. From the plethora of his industry experience ranging from IT, automobiles to telecom, he gave examples of products which made a long lasting mark on the consumers and hence the market. Answering to a query by a student on poor performance of eminent Indian institutes in the global rankings, he said that it can be attributed to lower levels of research activities which should be given utmost importance.

The session reinforced the thought that no matter from what background you are, or what field you want to enter into, there are endless opportunity to innovate and transform the world into a better place.

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