The Return of 1991-93 Batch

In this fast paced world, only few have the time to go down the memory lane and to capture those moments that are now framed against painted walls. Re-visiting those most joyous college days had come true for the 1993 batch of DoMS.
The Re-Union
On 17th August 2013, DoMS welcomed one of its influential batches to its lively corridors. The 93 batch of DoMS NITT consisting of ten alumni along with their families visited the campus where they nurtured their successful career dreams. The members of 93 batch are now big names in the industry contributing towards the inclusive growth of the nation.

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The Morning Buzz
The day started with a formal session at the EEE Auditorium, where Director of NIT Trichy Dr. Srinivasan Sundarrajan, the Head of Department of Management Studies Dr. N. Thamaraiselvan and Senior Professor of DoMS, Dr.G. Kannabiran welcomed the 93 batch and spoke few words on the exemplary students of that batch and also on the importance of Alumni in every institute. The session was attended by present faculty members of DoMS and the current batch students.
The Alumni went on to the dais and spoke on how institutes should value their alumni as they contribute much towards their pride and popularity. Later every alumnus spent some time on the stage talking about their days at DoMS, the then faculty members and about how their careers have shaped up over the years.
Talking Business
A panel discussion was arranged involving Dr. G. Kannabiran, five alumni members, and one student from the current batch. The topic for discussion was “Emerging Trends in the Industries”. The panelists discussed about the respective industries they worked in while one of the alumni moderated the discussion. Dr. G. Kannabiran threw light on to this topic from the B-schools perspective while the student was asked to express the thoughts of his fellow mates about the current industry situation and their expectations from it.
The discussion ended in a fruitful way as the students gained rich knowledge and also leaving them behind with constructive thoughts about their professional careers. Later in the afternoon, the alumni interacted with the students in the department in an informal manner. Students put forth their queries on the opportunities available in the industry and on how to acquire niche skills to perform better when put to job. The alumni members answered to their questions wisely and patiently.
Enthralling Evening
As the sky darkened, students brought down all the color and flavor to DoMS indulging everyone in a sizzling cultural evening in order to honor the guests. The students danced, organized skits and also involved the family members of the alumni in several enjoyable games. The atmosphere was infectious and left all who were present enthralled.
The reunion ended with a cake cutting ceremony and with a grand dinner which was hosted by the alumni members. It was indeed one unforgettable day for the members of the 93 batch at DoMS as they walked the memory lane with much pride.

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