Welcome Aboard !!! Counting 34…

24th August, 2012 was a memorable day at DoMS NITT as the second year students threw a much awaited and highly talked about Freshers’ Party for all of us. After a thrilling and pressure packed FIRM games week followed by the culturals, it was an evening  just to sit back, relax and enjoy the get-together. The occasion was organized at the Breeze Residency Hotel, Trichy which at first sight looked like a classy restaurant and later turned out to be a party hall.

As we all walked into the hallway, we were greeted by claps, hooting and even disappearing snow sprayed all over on us  and focused cameras capturing each and everyone. Our seating arrangement was already decided by placing a small sheet of paper having our name on the chairs in the hall. We had to search for our name chit and then sit accordingly. The show began by seniors asking us to write a wish and name of any senior whom we wanted to perform on the stage. We were actually given a chance to rag the seniors which was unimaginable. It was followed by a series of games played with a lot of enthusiasm by all of us. A twist in the tale was awaiting us when we were dragged on to the stage to perform whatever we asked our seniors to perform. It was an element of surprise and everybody had a ball, starting from dances to singing songs to proposals and of course rejections.

Gowtham Sai and Anu Brahma were chosen as the Mr. and Ms. Fresher for the evening after a series of tough competition between handsome hunks and beauty queens. The most inspiring feature of the eve was our senior Richard who still holds the record of drinking a beer bottoms up in just 8 secs. Some of us tried to break that timing but miserably failed. Then we had some serious learning lessons from Amitesh and Shashank on how to build a muscular body. It was not long before the dance floor was witnessing “dancers” from all parts of India. After a few pegs, the dancer inside one and all was more than willing to synchronize with the tunes of DJ. The dance floor provided a perfect platform for everybody to bond with each other.

The night couldn’t have been shorter and Breeze Residency couldn’t have been a better host. Freshers’ party rocked to the hilt. It was indeed the hard work and dedication of our seniors which made the Freshers’ Party a grand success. Thank you very much Seniors!!!

6 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard !!! Counting 34…

  1. Well written…..u began on a high note…..let there be music 🙂

  2. Karthik says:

    very nicely done harshit… Keep it going…

  3. cool ….gud work amod and harshit

  4. jinsonpalex says:

    Keep Rocking Guys.. Enjoi

    Jinson (Goodwill Hunterz :))
    2010-12 batch

  5. jinsonpalex says:

    Hi Goodwilll hunterz..
    Why not add some peeppiness to the article.. add some of the pictures 🙂

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