Alma Matters a Lot !

Chapter meets of DoMS ,NIT Trichy were organized in the four most happening places in the country. The excellent organization by Alumni Committee was applauded by the alums.The last two Saturdays,DoMSians from across the batches met in Delhi,Mumbai,Bengaluru & Chennai.The 2011-13 batch has continued with the tradition of connecting with their alumni.The response shown by alumni was also commendable who found time from their busy schedules and attended the meet.Despite the meet being an informal dinner,the alumni took keen interest in our internship’s and clarified our doubts regarding career and life.

The northern leg of the meet was organized in ‘Pind Baluchi’, a restaurant which specializes in dishes from our North-West frontier.The piping hot starters achieved the twin goals of satiating the hunger which crops up every time you hear ‘Pind Baluchi’ and acting as a conversation starter as well.

The sudden monsoon did no deter our alumni from Mumbai to reach Saffron Spice for the meet. We were amazed by their enthusiasm and the love they have towards their Alma mater. The southern legs were also quite interesting both in Chennai (Pratap Plaza) and Bangalore (H2O).

One common sign across all places is that even after these many successful years in corporate life, our alums miss our college badly !! It is only through these memorable occasions that we feel delighted to be a part of a successful DoMS family.

We hope that you had a good time getting associated with DoMS again. Au Revoir until we see you again !!

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Life is a journey and i m finding my path....stumbling upon pleasant surprises !

4 thoughts on “Alma Matters a Lot !

  1. jinsonpalex says:

    Hi Guys
    Good going.. Keep organizing these meets and raise the level of organising the meets. You will learn a lot from these activities and trust me the guys who involve in these kind of activities will definetly learn from these and be able to apply it on his ladder to success.
    Plan for these in advance and involve some senior(3 years older batch), well connected, alumni to get more contacts and people for the meet.
    Keep going!!

  2. Jai Kasanwal says:

    Hey guys, its really good work Alumni committee is doing and they are worthy of praise…..keep it up!

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