Arsenal Boosted Up….

      When i say ‘Arsenal’, i don’t speak on behalf of A.K.Antony who is doing it to rebuff the details of letter-leak of Gen. Singh nor am i talking about the famed soccer club.. I am talking about a stockpile of books which arrived at DoMS,NIT-Trichy and whose budget is as  heavy to DoMS as the Defence budget to the FM(Finance Minister and not Financial Mgmt.  ). At a cost of Rs. 3 lakhs DoMS has revamped the variety and quantity of books in the library. Out of the allocated money Rs. 1 lakhs were spent on the prestigious Harvard Business Review or HBR.The department would now have access to both soft and hard copies of the journal. The department which subscribes to all kind of business and general magazine would see an additional spend of Rs. 2 lakhs on reference books,novels and other business related journals.So bring out the reader in you and occupy a chair in the library because there is more to read than you ever can. Happy Reading 🙂

About kuldipjayaswal

Life is a journey and i m finding my path....stumbling upon pleasant surprises !

3 thoughts on “Arsenal Boosted Up….

  1. jinsonpalex says:

    Kuldip, you have made the titles of your articles really interesting. Keep it up Goodwill Hunter!!
    Good article.. worth reading.. well written.. 🙂

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