An old Chapter Revised !

  DoMS, NIT-Trichy organised its first chapter meet for the Chennai chapter which was attended by around 25 people.The chapter meet from now on would become a regular affair every year in Chennai at around the same time i.e. 10th March. Similar chapter meets are also being planned in Bengaluru,Delhi and Kolkata.

 The venue for the meeting was NIMI or National Instructional Media Institute. NIMI took this opportunity to do a presentation about what the institute stand  for. The presentation was designed and delivered in a way that its helpful for mangers especially in HR domain as the training NIMI provides is for technicians.

  It was followed by a presentation by Satish Gottumukkla who heads the Alumni Commitee at at DoMS, NIT-Trichy. The presentation focused on the recent activities and achievements of DoMS and the initiatives taken by the department to keep the Alumni connected. The first step towards this direction is the Monthly Newsletter to be sent to alumnis.

 The alumnis also took the opportunity to speak on ‘Entrepreneurship’ having chosen the path themselves. A successful meeting has to be complemented by good food and thus it was arranged where students, alumni and faculty enjoyed the meal at the same table.


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2 thoughts on “An old Chapter Revised !

  1. Tallada Kishore says:

    You guys are awesome. DoMS rocks. Keep up the spirit.

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