Can we go M’AD’ ?

Yes… My entire class went mad about ads when Mr.Sashi, Founder & Director – Praanha Advertising, took the students through a complete journey on advertising in Indian media. The entire process right from the creative brief to the actual shooting of the advertisement was discussed in a very interesting fashion.

The class was thrilled to work on a live case encompassing all the stages of ad development – account planning, concept – story board, product choreography, the visual recall devices, brand perception stimulants and we even designed the entire media mix for the product we worked on.
It was indeed both and enriching experience to work on how to communicate our objective effectively within a stimulated budget. We learned the nuances of the advertising in Indian television, how to calculate the division of slots, the effectiveness of the number and position of slots and even the buying pattern of slots in Indian TV.

So I am sure few of my class mates will go M’AD’ after this session..!!

One thought on “Can we go M’AD’ ?

  1. jinsonpalex says:

    Hi Vinoth, the title is very much apt.. good going

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