Guest Lecture by Mr.C.M.Raju

Today on a very warm Sunday, students of DoMS -NITT  sat through a lecture by the Chief Manager of Bank of India, Cathedral road , Chennai, his rich experience of over 26 years reflected in his lecture. The students had the privilege of learning from him the real time working of the banking industry , basics of banking and also some interview tips and techniques. The talk was spiced up with his experience. He also gave some valuable suggestions and guidance which are certain to be remembered for a long time.

About vipin4000

doing MBA in DOMS , NIT trichy.

2 thoughts on “Guest Lecture by Mr.C.M.Raju

  1. jinsonpalex says:

    Hi Vipin and Priyadarshini(sorry if am too long, simply PD) good initiative yaaron.. This will enlighten the world about the plethora of GLs conducted in DoMS-NITT. Three Cheers to Kevin alias Vipin and PD 🙂

  2. sarala kandi says:

    hey guys….even though i didn’t attend this GL, the response from the guys was enthusiastic. i hope it would result positively for us in the near future. Good work done by our DoMS students to update it in our blogs…as it wil give an idea of the happenings in our department….keep rocking guys!!!….:):)

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