Abhivyakti Mar 2011 Issue

The Vol 7-Mar 2011 issue of AbhiVyakti is out.
Get your copies and leave your criticisms, comments and suggestions here.


You can view the interview with PickBrain @

The AbhiVyakti Team

5 thoughts on “Abhivyakti Mar 2011 Issue

  1. […] Re: Life@ DoMS-NITT – 13-03-2011, 03:25 PM Hi Puys Logging into the Life @DoMS after some sanyas Back after classes from 9 to 1.30. Life is getting hectic with eight subjects and the respective assigns to juggle. We had Ligature'11- the Grand Annual Alumni Meet at Chennai. Had a good time interacting with our alumni and getting advises from DoMSians who are heavy weights in their particular fields. And the 2010-2012 batch is also keen to meet some of the aspirants at different locations in India. By the way as Manjusha had mentioned AbhiVyakti is out. Read the magz and post your comments and criticisms @ Abhivyakti Mar 2011 Issue mindscape […]

  2. Amardeep Gupta says:

    Very Well Done GuYs…. 🙂
    Magazine nicely designed…. video interview structured well 🙂
    Nice contents & carefully chosen and placed pictures 🙂 Good..
    some very very small things… but should be taken care off…
    1. Page-6 of our magazine — a lil bit less professional…
    2. Mr.Giri’s interviewer’s English is expected to be a bit more smoother, still well done for the concept and overall conversation.
    3. Last page (no.40) font color, sort of not visible properly…
    ———- But All In All—- AWESOME GUYS—- WELL DONE—-

  3. M Karthik says:

    Had the opportunity to check out the AbhiVyakti issue on the website. Excellent content and great layout. Congratulations to the entire team and keep up the good work
    DoMS has come a long way since my days at RECT. Very proud of what you have achieved over the years
    M Karthikeyan, Class of ’85

  4. jinsonpalex says:

    Hello Amardeep
    Thank you for your critical comments.. we will work forward to make further improvements and improve the magz.

    Thank you Karthikeyan

    We are really thankful for your valuable comments. The comments from our alumni make us stronger and take us forward. 🙂 We realise that we have our seniors take care to correct us in every step.
    We would require alumni contribution for the coming issues.

  5. Deepak Sharma says:

    Guys … You are going great guns and improving with each new release .. It is great to see AbhiVyakti coming of age from where we started .. and we are catching with the latest trends .. social media making it to the cover page in itself is a good instance .. Keep up the good work!!

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